Questions and Doubts Frequently Asked by New Rummy Players

A new game always draws all the attention. Many people opt for 13 card rummy game free download for pc simply out of curiosity even when they don’t know much about the game. There are many queries that pop up in the minds of newbie players and we have simply listed these out.

What is the difference between Pure Sequence and Real Sequence?

A pure sequence is a sequence made from cards of the same sign arranged in ascending or descending order of their values. Since you are not allowed to complete it using a joker, it is referred to as a pure sequence. Real sequence is made in the same manner but a joker maybe used to complete it.

What are Upper Card Jokers and Lower Card Jokers?

In the 21 cards rummy variation, apart from the pulled-out jokers, cards of value one above and one below the pulled-out joker are also regarded as jokers. These are respectively termed as upper card jokers and lower card jokers.

What is Life?

Life is the minimum number of sequences a player needs to form so that his hand is not counted as a full hand in rummy. The life is different for 10 cards rummy, 13 cards rummy and 21 cards rummy. In 10 cards rummy, one natural or pure sequence is termed as life. In the remaining two variations, you need to create one pure sequence and one real sequence to form life.

What is the Penalty if I quit the Game or Pass My Turn?

Most players who play online real money earning games wish to know the penalty for passing or quitting the game. If you pass at the beginning of the game, you pay a nominal penalty while you have to pay double the initial penalty if you quit mid-way. For a 10 cards game, the penalty for passing in the beginning is 15 points and for quitting mid-way is 30 points. For 13 cards game it is 20 points and 40 points respectively. For 21 cards game, it is 30 points and 70 points respectively.

Is There Any Special Strategy to Win Rummy Card Games?

To win the game, you need to prioritize the moves in the following order:

  • Create pure sequence
  • Create real sequence
  • Create melds and sets
  • Reduce points in the hand

Does Luck Affect the Course of Rummy Card Games?

While rummy is a skills game, luck may decide whether you win the game. You can avoid losing by passing the game at the right time. All good players who play rummy online free without registration know this.

Why is Rummy Referred to As A Skills Game?

Rummy is referred to as a skills game because you need the following skills to win a round of rummy:

  • Organising skills
  • Intuitive skills
  • Calculative Skills
  • Probability skills
  • Intuitive skills

When you frequently play indian rummy online games, you develop all these skills.

Is Online Cash Rummy Playing Same as Gambling Money?

No. Gambling is not legal. The sites are legally authorised to allow players to play rummy and earn real money. That is why it is not same as gambling.

Do I have to Pay to Create Rummy Account on KhelPlay Rummy?

If you wish to play rummy online free without cash and just want to enjoy the game, you don’t need to pay anything. You get to enjoy the game with practice chips. If you wish to participate in tournaments or play with cash, you will have to deposit the requisite amount.

Which is the best variation of rummy card games?

The answer to this depends greatly on your choices. Some people like to end the game in a jiffy and for them points rummy is most suitable. There are others who enjoy thinking and strategizing. Such people enjoy 21 cards rummy game. You need to assess what you wish to enjoy in the game and then you can easily find out which is the best rummy variation to suit your tastes.


Author: Roky